Akanya Projects: Social Facilitation

The team set out to establish the consultative and management structures required to undertake the Kaalfontein Corner Shopping Centre.  The major part of  this  project  required  the  establishment  of  good  communication  channels  between all role players and stakeholders (including community members and  municipal officials) in order to ensure the progression of this project.

The project required Akanya to facilitate Community Participation Sessions, the formulation of a Project Communications Committee (PCC) to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Building a common understanding of issues and options
  • Build relationships and partnerships with stakeholders
  • A common understanding of development issues and profile of the affected community
  • Audit of available assets and resources (consultations with community and other stakeholders)
  • A set  of  guidelines  and  minimum  requirements,  to  assist  in  fast-tracking the achievement of the retail development

The project is currently running, however a number of objectives and milestones have been meet, such as:

  • The formed/community elected PCC
  • Appointment of a Community Liaison Officer (CLO)
  • Community sports day event on site

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