Our Philosophy

Akanya’s planning philosophy is centred on two main objectives:

  • Creating sustainable solutions that improve Places and change People’s lives
  • Relationship-building as both a value-add for the client in ensuring Prosperty and conflict mitigation from the boardroom to the community hall.

Sustainable solutions can only be achieved if the planning process is undertaken in such a manner as to overcome the so-called ‘spatial obstacles’ that hinder development and growth. To achieve this, Akanya’s methodologies include, amongst other, the following:

  1. Analysing, planning and arranging the physical environment (i.e. buildings, roads, parks, etc.) to create an environment that supports sustainable development.
  2. Analysing, planning and implementing relevant processes that include business and strategic planning, project delivery and communication – thereby enabling places and communities to develop to their full potential.

As a result, all role-players are encouraged to participate in what could otherwise easily be perceived as a complex and inaccessible planning process.


Building places where people prosper.
We believe that our company logo reflects these values – professionalism within an inviting and people-friendly environment. And it only makes sense, doesn’t it? Our vision is, in the final instance, all about creating better places within which people can enjoy an improved quality of life – and prosper.


Akanya’s set of values underscores every project we undertake:

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Care and nurture
  • Relationships
  • Growth and progression

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