Akanya Services Word Cloud

Although Akanya’s products have been grouped into five main categories, the company draws on wide-ranging experience gained across the entire spectrum of its services as listed below in every project it undertakes. The result – added value for the clients and an end-product that reflects the power of synergy that is created when one adopts an integrated approach to planning and development. The following are all the products and services we offer:

Corporate and Municipal Planning

  • Integrated Development Plans (IDPs)
  • SDBIPs
  • Turnaround Strategies
  • Strategic Planning Workshops


Social Facilitation

  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Early Warning and Intervention
  • Strategic Communication Advice on proposed explorations and land development projects

Property Development

  • Facilitating property development
  • Investment in Shopping Centre, High Density Residential and Lifestyle Estate Developments

Land Use and Project Management

  • Township Establishments
  • Best Use Reports & Feasibility Studies
  • Removal of Restrictive Conditions
  • Rezonings, Consolidations & Subdivisions
  • Special Consent Use Applications
  • Land Use Management Schemes
  • We also offer appeal services, representation at Planning Tribunals and attorney briefings where land development litigations are involved.

Spatial Planning & Research

  • Regional & Local Spatial Development Frameworks
  • Urban Development Frameworks
  • Precinct Plans
  • Development Masterplans
  • Area Regeneration Strategies
  • Housing Development Plans
  • Land Audits
  • Urban Management Plans
  • Socio-Economic Research Documents

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