Corporate & Municipal Planning

Corporate & Municipal Planning

Akanya Projects: Corporate & Municipal Planning

Project Name: Assessment of Capacity of Planning Division Client: Royal Bafokeng Administration (RBA) The Royal Bafokeng Nation has undertaken long term development planning to guide their development agenda in the form of and Integrated Master Plan that guides “the provision of developmental interventions including key commercial, housing, healthcare, educational and recreational infrastructure, and outline a developmental plan that will be implemented over a 30-year period.”  In order to ensure the delivery in line with the Master Plan, the RBA requested Akanya to evaluate and assess the capacity and skills of the Planning Division.  The team conducted a detailed analysis of current capacity and strengths by studying documents and work flow processes, supplemented by a range of stakeholder interviews.  Recommendations were made in terms of creating an enabling environment, targeted organisational restructuring and individual capacity development.   
Corporate & Municipal Planning

Spatial Planning and Research

Latest Spatial Planning & Research Project

Project Name: Identification of neighbourhood Hubs in Urban areas for the NDPG & Planning of Urban Network & Development of Urban Nodes in Mbombela (Tekwane Urban Hub) Client: Department of National Treasury and Mbombela Local Municipality

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NDPG Tekwane Urban Hub Mbombela

The Mbombela Local Municipality has been a beneficiary of the Neighbourhood Development Participation Grant (NDPG) shortly after its inception in 2006, with initial planning projects for two precincts being funded for four years as part of Round 1 of the NDPG (Swalala and Kanyamazane). The planning phase was followed by the implementation of capital projects in Kanyamazane.

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